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Axcela Slug and Snail bait 'Axcelarates' slug and snail management in Australian agriculture

Slugs and snails are capable of causing significant economic damage to crops, and continue to do so across Australia.

Why use Axcela baits?

A breakthrough in crop protection - AXCELA baits are the first baits to deliver a 'SLUGFAST' crop in under 80 minutes.

AXCELA baits have an immediate effect. Apply them as soon as you identify the need for treatment - and prevent crop damage.

AXCELA baits turn from hard to gel-like when they hit soil, where moisture is present - making them easier to feed on. In trials, slugs started eating AXCELA baits in less than 80 minutes - 30% quicker than other baits. Put simply, they kill more slugs, more quickly.


Wet-extrrusion AXCELA baits are tough and effective:

  • In the field, their volume expands by 80%, increasing bait presence

  • Uniform size gives even spreading and baiting points

  • The active substance META metaldehyde is evenly distributed within each bait

  • More than 91% of AXCELA baits remain intact after spreading, with most of the broken baits containing enough active substance to deliver a fatal dose to feeding slugs and snails.

AXCELA baits contain META metaldehyde

Metaldehyde is the most commonly selected active substance for slug and snail baits:

  • Works instantly

  • Works in cold and wet conditions

  • Works on all slug and snail species

  • When used as directed, it has no effect on beneficial organisms.

Minimise the risk of crop damage by using AXCELA slug and snail baits in a control


  • Use cultural control methods where appropriate

  • Monitor slug and snail activity and use bait traps to assess bait need

  • Calibrate applicators for optimum baiting points

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