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Readily available, low salt index, chloride & nitrate free potassium with sulphur for effective utilization in all soils types.


  •  Ideal high potassium source for both, soil and foliar applications with rapid rainfast properties on the foliage.
  • Thiosulfate sulfur gets converted into the active sulphate form within the plant to help in oil and protein biosynthesis in crops such as canola and others.
  • Provides highly balanced potassium and sulphur at 4 : 1 ratio favoring more potassium than sulfur compared to relatively insoluble potassium sulfate.
  • Agronomically plant’s K requirement exceeds Sulphur.
  • Effectively replaces potassium nitrate to supply potassium to the crops especially in situations requiring least amount of nitrate nitrogen during fruiting.


Rate of Application: Agri KS 32

Agri KS 32 - 10Lt

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