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Active Ingredient: 7.3g/kg Hydramethylnon


An effective granular bait insecticide that controls ants the only sure way - by eliminating the Queen.

While the queen ant lives, the colony can be rebuilt. Amdro® Granular Ant Bait are collected by foraging ants and carried back into the nest as food and shared with other ants, including the queen. This ensures control of the whole ant colony.

While fast acting to ants including specific destructive ant species, namely Singapore Ant, Coastal Brown Ant, Tropical Fire Ant (Ginger Ant), Red Imported Fire Ant and Green-head Ant, Amdro® Granular Ant Bait has a relatively low toxicity to humans and other mammals.



Key features and benefits of Amdro® Granular Ant Bait

  • Carried by worker ants into the nest and consumed by the queen to achieve complete colony elimination
  • Highly palatable bait matrix attractive to target species
  • Low toxicity to non-target species and able to be used in sensitive areas where traditional insecticide sprays are not suitable
  • Powerful on target ants, including the queen, at low dose/bait rates
  • Approved for use on gardens, lawns, parks, golf courses, sports grounds, driveways, paths, patios and other non-crop land


Rate of Application: Amdro 

SDS: Amdro

Amdro Granular Ant Bait

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