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A breakthrough in crop protection – AXCELA baits are the first baits to deliver a ‘SLUGFAST’ crop in under 80 minutes.


  • FASTER acting
  • MORE palatable
  • MORE robust


AXCELA baits have an immediate effect.
Apply them as soon as you identify the need for treatment – and prevent crop damage.
AXCELA baits turn from hard to gel-like when they hit soil, where moisture is present - making them easier to feed on.
In trials, slugs started eating AXCELA baits in less than 80 minutes – 30% quicker than other baits.

Slugs spent almost twice as long eating AXCELA baits: they consume a fatal dose of META metaldehyde more quickly.

Put simply, they kill more slugs, more quickly using significantly less product than traditional slug and snail baits.


Application Rate: 5 - 10kg per hectare


Always read and strictly follow all information on product label.

Axcela Snail & Slug Bait - 15kg

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