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NPKS 0-0-4-0,  3.5% Zinc, 2.4% Molybdenum 


Natural organic extract of auxins & cytokinins, fortified EDTA chelated zinc & molybdenum for accelerating root development and improving plant health.


  • From a single species kelp this robustly chelated edta zinc and moly promotes larger more vigorous root systems, leading to greater plant growth.
  • Supplies critical precursors to auxin production. 
  • Ideal for stimulating early growth in all crops.
  • Natural plant hormones encourage strong cell development, slow senescence and help crops          recover from stress situations.
  • Improved plant health enhances resistance to nematodes & other pest and fungal diseases. 
  • Highly compatible with most phosphate based fertilisers and agricultural chemicals.
  • Can be applied as seed treatments: infurrow, Fertigation: foliar and hydroponics.
  • Booster Zinc Moly contains a natural botanical extract containing high auxin and cytokinin ration favouring root growth follow by shoot growth


Rate of Application: Booster Zinc Moly

Booster Zinc Moly 20Lt

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