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CITRUS SCRUB is a organic, biodegradable, viscous water based hand cleaner with fine mild abrasive pumice added to boost cleaning power.

CITRUS SCRUB is completely petroleum solvent free and organic,  therefore will not cause drying of the skin or pose any disposal problems.



  • CITRUS SCRUB removes the heaviest of ingrained oil, grease, carbon, inks, paints and tar.
  • CITRUS SCRUB contains neutral cleaning oils, lanoline, emollients and anti-bacterial agents to disinfect cuts, sores and control transmission of bacteria.
  • CITRUS SCRUB is free rinsing leaving hands feeling clean and smelling fresh.
  • CITRUS SCRUB has a pleasant citrus fragrance.


Product SDS: Citrus Scrub

Citrus Scrub - Organic, Biodegradable Industrial HandCleaner With Natural Pumic


    • Apply a small amount of CITRUS SCRUB to the palm of the hand and rub thoroughly into the skin.
    • Rinse off with water and wipe dry with a cloth or paper towel.
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