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NPKS 2-0-5-4 + 7% Calcium, 11% Silica


Concentrated Silica, Calcium & Potassium suspension to increase plant tolerance to salinity, enhance disease & pest resistance, improves shelf life & quality of fruit & vegetables


  • Highly micronised, controlled released, low salt index, Potassium, Calcium and Silica. Suitable for all crops.
  • Optimises plant response to salinity & high sodium chloride in soils.
  • Aids in stress mitigation.
  • Reduces plant water demand in dry soils whilst increasing yield.
  • Enhance shelf life & quality of fruit & grain through stronger cell structures & enhanced disease resistance.
  • Reduces the incidences of blossom end rot and bitter pit.
  • It improves the soil health by binding the free aluminium within the soil and reducing the impact in water stress.
  • When applied as foliar it mitigates heat stress and improves water use sufficiencies.


Rate of Application: Enhance KCS

Enhance KCS 10Lt

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