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Hydraulic Oils are blended from high quality mineral oils possessing a high viscosity index and low pour point.  These oils give a long trouble free service life and will be chemically stable under severe operating conditions.  They give excellent protection against corrosion; resist emulsification, and any formation of unwanted stable foam.   The continuing trend towards higher hydraulic system pressure permits higher performance and reductions in pump and equipment sizes.  At the same time, the hard working hydraulic oil is called upon to lubricate, seal and cool the working components under increasing temperature, turbulence and pressure.  Any entrained air must be readily released as pressures often exceed 7 mpa (1000 psi) and heavy pump water can only be avoided by using oils containing anti-wear additives. 



Data Sheet: Hydraulic Oil 46

SDS: Hydraulic Oil 46

Hydraulic Oil 46

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  • The performance benefits of Hydraulic Oils include:

    • Superior hydrolytic stability
    • Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability
    • Good demulsibility and anti-foam properties
    • Excellent EP performance
    • Excellent rust protection
    • Lower tendency to block filters
    • Reduced pump wear
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