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HYPOCLEAN has been formulated to provide fast,cost effective cleaning and sanitisation of dishes in automatic dishwashing machines.

HYPOCLEAN is a blend of low foaming cleansers, alkalis, chlorine and water softening agents to obtain results‚  in hard water areas.



  • Economical automatic dishwash detergent.
  • Removal of tea and coffee stains from cups
  • Used to sanitise all washing items.
  • Ideal for plates, cups,and cutlery washing.



  • Contains chlorine to ensure that all articles are sanitised and that tea/coffee stains are removed during the wash cycle.
  • Cost effective solution.
  • Manufactured specifically for dishwashing machines and should not be used for manual or hand washing of dishes.


Product SDS: Hypoclean

Hypoclean-Chlorinated Dishwashing Machine Detergent (FB1)

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