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First choice for Sensitive skin.

H-10 is a premium quality hand cleaner that cleans the dirtiest hands thoroughly.

H-10 is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Unlike solvent hand cleaners, H-10 leaves hands with a refreshing citrus smell.

H10 should be worked into the grime by rubbing hands together and then rinsing thoroughly with water.

H10 contains no grit or petroleum solvents. It contains the highest quality surfactants that are very gentle on the skin.

H-10 contains the safest and mildest preservatives that protect those with skin conditions and allergies.

Many people are used to cleaning their hands with grit based hand cleaners. To those people ICT recommends making the switch to H10 Hand Cleaner and feeling the difference that a quality hand cleaner makes to their skin.

H-10 will not block sinks like many grit based products do.

As with all ICT products there is a noticeable quality difference between premium quality H10 Hand Cleaner and the opposition products.

To further protect hands after washing or for sensitive skin use B10 Barrier Cream after every wash.

ICT H-10 Hand Cleaner - Citrus 500ml

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