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  • L10 is a special Non-Flammable, formulation of penetrating machine oils with incredible lubricating and anti corrosion properties and is a must have tool for any workshop or toolbox.
  • L10 is designed to displace water, penetrate rusted and seized parts and lubricate otherwise inaccessible places and engine parts. L10 stops squeaks and will clean and protect surfaces from corrosion.
  • L10 will not dry out and is perfect for protecting machined surfaces keeping them free of moisture and corrosion for long periods of time.
  • L10 will not harm metals, plastics, enamel, fibreglass, painted surfaces, electrical insulators and vinyl.
  • L10 can be applied by spraying or brushing onto areas or items requiring treatment.
  • L10 works well as a chain lubricant and protects power tools and garden tools against corrosion. It is also ideal for protecting engine bays after degreasing and will keep them looking new.
  • Spray L-10 onto seized Ringfeder's to stop them seizing.
  • Spray onto Wheel nuts before loosening to make changing tyres much easier.
  • Spray on Excavator tracks to stop them seizing and working like new.
  • L10 is ideal for boats and ships and protects moving parts from seizing due to corrosion.
  • L10 replaces many other products being used in workshops and eliminates the need for multiple product purchases. 

ICT L-10 Lubricant Penetrate -Spray Bottle

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