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Available in 1 Litre and 5 Litre options.

Also available in 20 Litres - please enquire for pricing.


Always read and strictly follow all information on product label.


R-10 combines natural tannins and chemistry to produce a finished result that offers many years of extra protection to steel. R-10 is environmentally friendly and extremely safe to use, yet it is a powerful, penetrative product that works quickly and effectively.


R-10 is water based and non-toxic. It converts rust to a stable black surface of Iron Tannate/Haematite and Magnetite and forms a strong matrix bond with the original metal. The converted rust is then a stable, non-growing, hard, black material which can be safely cut, welded galvanised and chromed and behaves as steel would in these situations.


The water base is an important part of the conversion process. The tannin chemicals penetrate the porous rust using the water as a travelling agent (solvent based products only work at the surface of the rust).


R-10 Rust Converter can be used safely in many industries. R-10 is fantastic long term corrosion protection. Wherever there is steel there is bound to be an application for R-10 at some time. If the rust is caught early and treated with R-10, then the time frame between replacing or sandblasting equipment can be extended resulting in considerable savings.


R-10 is very economical to use with 1 Litre treating approximately 10 m².

Expensive machinery and equipment should wear out not rust out. R-10 is an essential part of any good maintenance program for companies wishing to reduce the effects of rust on their operations.

ICT R-10 Rust Converter

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