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Active Ingredient: Coumatetralyl


All-Weather Blocks rodenticide is our ready to use first generation multi-feed anticoagulant bait.


Highly palatable - no bait shyness.

Contains COUMATETRALYL as the active ingredient.

Coumatetralyl is metabolized rapidly in dead rodents, decreasing the risk of secondary poisoning.

Contains Bitrex human-taste deterrent.

Suitable for indoor & outdoor use.

Registered for use in macadamia, sugar cane & pineapple plantations.

Approved for use in farm buildings, dairies, meatworks & wharf areas. 


Rates and Application see Booklet - Surefire Couma Blocks

SDS - Surefire Couma Blocks


Always read and strictly follow all information on product label.


Rat Blocks Couma (Coumatetralyl)

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