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SANITIZER is a non rinse, multipurpose, concentrated cleaner and sanitiser formulated for commercial kitchens and  food processing areas.



  • Multiple dilution cleaning rates
  • Diluted to be a NON RINSE SANITISER
  • Super concentrated
  • Economical
  • Food safe as a non rinse sanitiser.


As a non rinse sanitise can and should be used over all surfaces, equipment and cooking utensils at the end of each shift.

Safe to use on all surfaces


Product SDS: Sanitizer


Sanitizer - Non Rinse Sanitiser (FB15)


        – NON RINSE SANITIZER – 1 part  SANITIZER to 75 parts water (10ml / 750ml spray pack).

    ***Please note at this dilution solution must be disposed of after 24 hours***

        – SPRAY AND WIPE – dilute 1 part to 5 parts water

    At this dilution rate food contact areas must be rinsed with water after 15 minutes.

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