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Sulphate Of Potash is a fertiliser rich in potassium that encourages growth of quality fruit and colourful flowers. It also helps plants resist fungus attack.

It is an effective means of increasing potassium levels when using organic fertilisers that tend to be low in potassium.

The soluble formula is easy to dissolve and provides a slow release of potassium. It is ideal for use as a foliar spray on pot plants, gardens and lawns that require a boost of potassium.



  • Is free of chlorine fertilizer in the form of sulphate of potash. Designated for fertigation and foliar application.
  • Used for rapid correction of potash and sulphur deficiency.
  • Ensures extremely high efficiency and improved solubility due to the unique production technology (double degree of purification).
  • Compared to other potassium sources, has a very low salt index. Thus, it reduces the osmotic effect in the soil, improves the absorption of the water and nutrients in intensive farming systems or in soils with a high salt content.
  • Is ideal for open field as well as protected crops.


Analysis (% by Weight):

Potassium - 42.0

Sulphur - 18.0


Always read and strictly follow all information on product label and SDS.

Sulphate of Potash Fine - 25kg

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