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Active Ingredient: 825g/L Petroleum Oil


For the Control of Scale Insects on Citrus, Mites on Pome and Stone Fruit Trees, and Cercospora, Cordana, Leaf Spots, Leaf Speckle on Bananas, and for use as a Spreader.


Summer Oil is,

  • Miscible ‘‘clear’’ oil suitable for use throughout the year
  • Quick break emulsion provides excellent coverage and reduces loss due to run-off
  • Formulated with highly refined paraffinic oil
  • Low phytotoxicity potential - Unsulphonatable Residue >92% conforms with the Australian Standard
  • Very effective for controlling certain scale insects and mites in a range of crops and trees
  • Balanced emulsion characteristics produce high performing "White Oil" in the spray tank
  • Suitable for use as a "spreader" when applying with other products - Strictly follow all label directions
  • Can be used as a bulking agent in Ultra Low Volume applications
  • Biological Farmers Association approval for use in "organic" situations


SDS: Summer Oil

Summer Oil - 20Litres

  • The recommended usage rate for each application of VICOL Summer Oil ranges from 0.5 to 5 Litres per 100 Litres (0.5-5%v/v) of the spray solution. Summer Oil is compatible with many other agrichemicals and can be used as a spray adjuvant or spreader for increasing the coverage and efficacy of other products. 

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