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Active Ingredient: 0.25g/kg Fipronil


Fipronil Granular Ant Killer is a fast acting non-repellent control of ants in turf, external surrounds of buildings and structures as per the Directions of Use table. Fipronil Granular Ant Killer is the perfect choice for controlling nuisance ants and for eliminating the nest.


The active, Fipronil, is extensively documented as being one of the best non-repellent actives available. Combined with the natural interactions between ants (as with termites), this assists greatly  with distribution of the Fipronil within the colony for rapid control.


Fipronil kills insects when they eat it or come in contact with it. Fipronil works by disrupting the normal function of the central nervous system in insects.


Rate of Application: Fipronil

SDS: Fipronil


Similar Or Equivalent To: SAS Pro Professional Granule Ant Killer (Sundew)


Always read and strictly follow all information on the product label.

Fipronil Granular Ant Killer

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