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Active Ingredient: Propyzamide @ 500g/L


Propyzamide 500 SC Herbicide is for selective control of certain grasses and broadleaf weeds in Lettuce, Sports Turf, Home Lawns, Legumes Seed Crops and Pastures.

Propyzamide 500 SC Herbicide is a 500g/L Propyzamide formulation, providing a highly effective pre and post emergent control of Winter Grass in Turf.


Rate of Application: Propyzamide 500

SDS: Propyzamide 500


Always read and strictly follow all information on product label.

Propyzamide 500 SC Herbicide

  • Witholding Period Details: Do not harvest, graze or cut for stock food or for seed for 25 days after application.

    Similar or Equivalent: Kerb 500 Selective Herbicide (Dow) & Pronamide Selective Herbicide (Amgrow)

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