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Active Ingredient: Pyraclostrobin

For the control of leaf speckle, leaf spot and Black Sigatoga in bananas and downy and powdery mildew in grapvines, husk spot in macadamia and rust in almonds.


Rates of Application: Symbio 250EC

SDS: Symbio 250EC

Symbio 250EC 5 Litre

  • SYMBIO 250 EC works most effectively when used prior to disease infection. It provides fast-acting plant protection and improves overall plant health.

    It has these proven qualities: Translaminar effect, i.e. is absorbed by leaves and moves through the leaf to the opposite  surface it contacts.  

    Suitable for up to 3 applications per season. Non-toxic to birds, earthworms & many beneficial insects.

    Low water solubility which provides rainfastness & enduring residual activity. 

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