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A biofertiliser improving soil nutrient uptake by stimulating soil microbiome activity maximising plant genetic expression.


The Importance of Tora on Microbiological Diversity and Carbon in Soils

In the natural environments, plants are part of a rich ecosystem including numerous and diverse microorganisms in the soil. It has been long recognised that these microbes play important roles in plant performance by improving mineral nutrition. Tora contains various strains of highly active bacteria that have been isolated and combined based on their beneficial effects on soil chemistry and plant response.

Tora - 20Lt

    • Captures atmospheric carbon and binds to soil
    • Elevates soil carbon levels over time
    • Improves soil structure
    • Releases nutrients bound to soils and enhances uptake by plants
    • Aids in sodium release and leaching
    • Enables reductions in general fertiliser inputs
    • Increases water holding capacity of soils
    • Improves clay mineralisation
    • Works independently of soil organic matter
    • Increased uptake in Ca, Mg, K and micronutrients in apples, grapes, avacado and other perennial crops
    • Increased penetrometer readings in stored fruit and vegetables
    • Increase in pruning weights and thickness on wine grape canes
    • Increase in fruitfulness of wine grapes
    • Increased uptake and translocation of crops
    • Weight increases and improved shelf life in fresh cut crops (spinach, onions, lettuce, coriander)
    • Enhanced abiotic stress tolerance 
    • Enhanced farm profitability
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