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Find the right fertiliser for your needs.


Turf Plus is a balanced NPK plus trace elements blend designed for all types of turf.


A special formulation of the essential nutrients needed to encourage both greening and overall healthy lawn and root growth. Can be used all year round.


  • Contains high levels of Nitrogen for leaf growth and colour
  • Phosphorus for strong root growth
  • Potassium for strength and to increase resistance to stress and fungal disease


Usage Rates: Apply 3kg per 100m2 of lawn. Water lawn once applied.



N - 14.5       Ca - 2.09        Mn - 0.39

P - 0.9         Cu - 0.10        Fe - 0.50

K - 6.0         Zn - 0.10

S - 18.5       Mo - 0.01       

Lawn Fertiliser - Turf Plus

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