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Active Ingredient: Spirotetramat


Viento 240SC Insecticide exhibits high specific insecticidal efficacy against a wide range of important sucking pests. It is registered for the control of aphids, scales, thrips and mealy bugs in many vegetable crops,    including apples, grapes, citrus, stone fruit and cotton. Viento has an excellent margin of safety for nontarget and beneficial insects, making it ideal for application in an IPM program. In addition, Viento gives good control of pests hidden on inner leaves after foliar application; this occurs because the product has translocation properties upwards & downwards in the plant vascular system. For both dilute and concentrate (where applicable) spraying methods, apply Viento with Reactor Speed Spray Adjuvant (or equivalent product), as recommended on the label.  



Application Rates: Viento 240SC

SDS: Viento 240SC

Viento 240 SC

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